Training Programs

  • Generic Modules

Generic Modules

Personality Development

Key to personal awareness and mastering success.

Leadership Development

Importance of leadership skills in an organization

Motivate your team

Identify ways to link motivation to associates’ performance. Examine Herzberg’s Motivation- Hygiene theory in relation to work motivation

Power of Chi in stress management

What is stress? reasons, symptoms, impact and managing stress

Art of communication

Basics of communication, listening skills & questioning skills

Mastering the power of body language

What is body language? Its importance and power, universal body language gestures and distance and zones.

Team Building

Describe the importance of communication in teams , explain the benefits of working effectively as a team and list guidelines for interacting with others at work

Delighting skills in customer service

Learn how to make guests feel special, know how to build positive relationship with our guests and how to go beyond customer service expectations


The ability to clearly communicate one’s opinions, needs , wants, interests, feelings, etc. to another in a non-defensive and non-threatening way.

How to sell ice to an Eskimo?

Define selling and describe features and benefits of products and services and explain the importance of promoting them

Job Interviewing skills

Selection & hiring through professional interview process

Who moved my cheese – Change Management

Communicate change initiatives to employees, proactively assess employees’ response to change and design and implement a proactive action plan.

Telephone Etiquettes

Understand the importance of telephone manners.

Email Etiquettes

To improve professionalism, efficiency and protection from liability


Learn how the working environment influence the productivity of employees

Fish Philosophy

Using the “Fish” Philosophy to build employees morale , motivation and address today’s most pressing work issues.

Techniques of resolving conflicts

Perceive your problems, look at problems practically and problems have a limited Life Span

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to make customers feel special, know how to build positive relationship with our customers and how to go beyond customer service expectations

Performance Management

Performance appraisal is the method of evaluating the behavior of associates in the workplace, normally including both quantitative and qualitative aspect of the job.

The Psychological skills of delegation

Know definition of delegation skills, importance of delegation skills, process of delegation skills and impact of effective delegation skills in the organization

Neuro-Linguistic Programing in negotiation skills

To explore the key skills and the structure of negotiation

Coaching and Mentoring

The process of coaching and mentoring.

Train the Trainer – Learning Coach Program

Structured program for Knowledge / Skill Trainers

Experiential Learning OBT

Customized outdoor team building exercise

Get 13 months in a year by personal effectiveness

Be proactive , begin with end in mind and put first things first