Training Programs

  • Hospitality Modules

Hospitality Modules

Quality of Service

Quality service, service excellence and four categories of service

Food Safety and Sanitation

Familiarize with basic food safety and hygiene standards

Compliments , complaints & reviews – A gift

Learn how to handle guest complaints effectively and efficiently an how to go beyond customer service expectations

Image studio OR Image makeover

How to impress  guests with  your professional image.

Power of positive attitude and language in hospitality 

How to impress guests with positive attitude and hospitality language

Proactive and Energetic Manager Skills

To enhance winning managers qualities

Guest Ambassadors and Branding

How to engage with the guests and silently anticipate and fulfill their needs.

Cultural diversity awareness

Understand cultural diversity. Explore and analyze the effects of stereotypes and establish ways to effectively exceed our guests’ expectations within cultural boundaries.

Rephrase Training

To improve effective communication in guest interactions

Engage Every Guest

How to build emotional connections with the guests

Creating Ultimate Guest Experiences

Learn to make the Difference’, explain the ‘law of attraction’ and apply it to your own life and describe how you can choose the right attitude at the property.

SOP Development

Standard operating procedures for the hotel operational departments to maintain business excellence.